Saturday, August 23, 2008

Carnival - Night Photography

Andrew and I went to the Honolulu Family Festival at Magic Island to practice digital photography at night. It was a frustrating experience trying to take a) night time shots b) with motion and c) with lights while learning how to d) use manual mode for the first time e) accounting for both shutter speed, lighting and apeture.

These are taken with my Canon 17-85mm lens and a compact tri-pod (too light with stand the weight of the camera/lens). Forgot the shutter release at home.

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Andrew said...

Very nice! Despite your frustrations you did quite well. There is also something called front and rear curtain for flash. Not too sure about it, but that's why in the rollercoaster shot, there is a blur in front of the people, and not training them. Yes, I'm a geek.