Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best place to get “O List” finds – Red Pineapple

I love this store. I think I walk through it everytime I got to Borders at Ward. Red Pineapple is a fun store for ladies (and men) looking for cool things they don’t need but can’t resist but to buy.

You’ll find many items that Oprah lists as her “favorite things” in her O magazine. Cool stain striped shoe bags, patterned foam bag for computer chords, funky tea cups, artsy deck of cards…anything fun, funny, clever and whimsical can be found here.

I had been looking for a long time for a high-heeled shoe door stopper I once saw online. Only stores on the east coast were selling it—then lo and behold, where on the west coast would it be sold but Red Pineapple.

Red Pineapple

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Red Pineapple said...

Hi there Mainland Girl...not sure if I sent you a Thank you! thank you for the GREAT mention on your blog! Thank you for supporting a little local store and for spreading the word! see you in Red Pineapple! aloha nalani