Sunday, August 31, 2008

Men's Suits = Recycled Bottles

How many plastic bottles does it take to weave one tailored suit? Just 30 bottles says the Bagir clothing company.

For $200 you can purchase an EcoGIR suit made of100% recycled post-consumer materials made from PET bottles. It's an incredible concept and environmentally conscious choice. You can now literally wear your politics on your back to the work place and formal events. Bagir also offers a hybrid suit line which uses 55% PET bottles combined with bamboo and organic cotton. These casual suits have buttons made from palm tree seeds that are eco-consciously grown. Supposedly 1 in every 6 European men own a Bagir suit. They are becoming more visible around the world, and are leading the way in greening the fashion houses.

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Andrew said...

So you were telling the truth about the Bamboo clothes. Word of caution, be aware of Pandas. Seriously though, it's good to hear how being green is being more acceptable and more accessible.