Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sam Sato / Manju (Maui)

Whenever my grandmother would fly over to the mainland, she would come bringing several boxes of Sam Sato manju to share with the family.  These little precious manju mounds filled with black or white an (Japanese red bean) are an island favorite, and Maui locals often bring them as gift when they visit friends and family inter-island.  They are usually gone by mid-day, so it's best to pre-order your boxes by phone the day before.  Pick up pre-orders at the outdoor window.  My auntie tried their small blueberry manju turnovers, and we all liked it alot--not too sweet, not too tangy.  It's a good variety to the traditional Japanese manju.

Sam Sato is also known for their dry-ramen...basically ramen without the soup.  I enjoyed my order, but am still wondering what makes it so popular--can't one just make it at home?  I guess the char siu was good? Or perhaps I'm just not a good ramen connoisseur.

1750 Wili Pa Lp
Wailuku, HI 96793

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