Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obon Festival - Mililani

I had been wanting to go to Mililani for a long time, curious to see with my own eyes, the new suburban community that I hear so much about. In my mind I imagine that it looks like Irvine, but even after going there I'm not so sure...we got to the Obon festival when it was dark at night.

This Obon had the largest crowd I've ever seen out of all the festivals I've been to (Japan excluded). Five rings of dancing circles moved in unison filled with kids, teens, seniors and even the mayor. What surprised me most was to see the masses of teens eagerly run to join in the dance once the live music played. (An Obon with live music and taiko drummers? Right on!) In Los Angeles I don't think teens think it's hip and cool display this much Obon-eagerness, but it was sure refreshing to see the youth reclaim their cultural heritage in Hawaii.

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