Monday, September 14, 2015

The Richest Chef in the from Hawaii

With the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival 2015 having ended this weekend, here's a local food fact quiz:

Of the Top a Ten richest a chefs in the world, can you guess who the #1 richest is? Hint: The chef is from Hawaii. 

I won't ruin the answer, but among the likes of Rachel Ray, Ida Garten, Gordon Ramsay and Mario Batalli I was pretty surprised to see who came out on top...and how much he was worth.

Here's the Top Ten video sent to me by JT:

When compared against more recent articles by Forbes or MSN or Money, chefs in Hawaii are interestingly absent from the national rankings. These popular news sources tend to showcase nationally recognized TV personalities like Batalli to gain popular readership and followers. My guess is that the richest chef in the world (the chef from Hawaii) made solid investments in ventures outside the food industry and turned the profits from his small local, non-mainland, non-televised restaurants into a diversified fortune. Congrats Chef!

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