Monday, December 6, 2010

the coveted curler

no longer available in the u.s.a., the ever so popular shu uemura's eyelash curler is a coveted gift that those flying to japan can bring back as the perfect omiyage (gift) or holiday present.

what's the big deal?: the curler is used in top fashion industries for a couple reasons: a) perfect even curl without a lash wrinkle b) grabs each lash evenly due to it's shape c) curl hold is said to last all day versus a couple hours before straightening. is even more popular among asian americans whose eyelids are more almond shaped than round--this curler shape is perfectly angled and designed for asian-lids and gets every lash everytime without pinching the corners of ones eyes as other rounded curlers do.

i've been to all the major dept stores and websites (saks, neiman, nordstrom, etc) plus sephora and indeed all shu uemura eyelash curlers in stock have been removed.

but never fear, you can still get them here while they are still avaiable for $19. also, starting today for a week, you can get free shipping: enter code "fshipping." (ebay and amazon are the only other places to get them--and they are selling at high prices due to demand).

(and for those with sensitive skin and irritable eyelids, shu uemura has a popular 24k gold curler pictured above). shu uemura thinks of it all!

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Traci said...

cool! helen and i were looking for these last year. it looks like the site still has them. thanks! and thanks for all of the other great reads & tips.