Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tinted Sunscreen

Sunscreen + Moisturizer + A Hint of Color.
What will they come up with next?

Love it!: tinted moisturizer...and tinted sunscreen...

{And if you think this is just for women...think again. It looks natural on guys too. Why should n't they benefit from moisturizers and sunscreen as well? I love that Shiseido (and Clinique) have products for men.}

I love the tinted moisturizer for overcast days, drizzly days in Hawaii, and days when I'm just too darn lazy to go through the whole beauty routine. This tube offers you a 3-in-1 on-the-go solution: moisturize your face, sunscreen it, and give it a tint for light coverage while you sit at that red stop light on your way to work. It's that easy! {scratch the last part, and concentrate on your driving.} The coverage is very light, so be warned that it doesn't cover like foundation. ($37)
Shiseido has won a ton of awards for their sunscreen. Now it comes in full-coverage foundation form with 43+ protection. All you need is a little drop of this thing to cover a part of your face. It's a thick and rich formula. So much so that you need a sponge (included) to even out the application. It's primarily a foundation with alot of sunscreen. (verses other way around). ($36 for a small 1 oz bottle)

This formula is waterproof, so it's super popular among surfer girls and beach goers. It lasts all day in the city. I do however, feel the need to touch up the sunsreen aspect of the foundation after 4 hours or so. It's recommended that one buys the Compact Foundation for touch-ups (which can be used in lew of the liquid foundation in the first place). ($25)They also have a new product for under-eye sunscreen to prevent wrinkles and spots under the eye ($31). Sounds ridiculous...but in Hawaii I got sunspots and freckles under my eye--indeed.

A few people have been asking for my recommendations on sunscreens. See my former post for the best sunscreen.

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