Sunday, September 21, 2008

Best Sunscreen

With the American Cancer Association promoting public awareness of damage done to the skin, a couple ways to keep your skin protected include:

- Staying out of the sun during peak hours (11am-1pm)
- Stay covered (indoors) or clothed (long sleeved cotton shirt, hats for outdoors)
- Use of sunscreen (minimum 15 SPF)
- Regular check ups to your dermatologist to screen dark spots

General Sunscreen Tip: Look for three PA+++ (plus signs) ratings on any sunscreen product to make sure your sunscreen provides you with both UVA/UVB protection. (Most sunscreens just cover UVA rays).

In particular, I like the following two products by Shiseido and Elemis. Both are light weight, non-oily, good for sensitive skin, and provide great sun protection. Additionally, these two products cover both UVA and UVB rays!

Let's start with Shiseido 55 SPF:

Shiseido Sunblock SPF 55+
(Award Winning multiple times over)
(Macys, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, other Department Stores $44)

This Shiseido line comes in creamy or liquid form. The creamy formula has higher SPF options, is non-oil based, and good for dry skin. It has longer day protection (4+ hours) the consistency is thicker (a creme) and comes in a tube (shown above). I find that it works well under foundation.

I've also tried the liquid formula (which comes in a bottle with shaker ball inside). This product is thinner and is oil-based. I find hat it's thinner consistency however, only lasts around 2-4 hours before needing to reapply. It's more "shiny" under foundation giving you that dewy look.

I have both products and use the creme sunscreen for my face, and liquid formula for my shoulders, neck and chest. (The 55+creme is extremely popular among men and women surfers in Hawaii. So much so I even found Shisedo products sold at the HIC store at Ala Moana and heard its workers raving about it to others.)

Elemis Liquid Layer SPF 30
(Nordstrom, $40; Selected spas)

Elemis is a scientific cosmetic line (blends technology + beauty concerns) found at high end salons and selected department stores. What I like about this Elemis sunscreen is that bonds really well. It seems as if the little molecules in this formula bond to each other well, and provides a solid outter protection that forms a barrier between your skin and the external environment. I can wear this sunscreen for an entire day and never feel that the forumla is breaking down over the hours (as the Shiedo formula often does). I never need to reapply sunscreen, and it's thin layer keeps my skin breathable.

The formula also bonds to the skin well, which means it doesn't "slide" off as you perspire throughout the day or surf in the water, and holds well under foundation. My only critique is that you need to shake the tube really well before applying. Otherwise it turns a bit white and chalky on your face unless you rubb it in well. Also, the formula tends to separate (again shake it well) and has a light scent.

I used this in Peru and it withstood strong equator sunlight and sweat over hours of daytime hiking. An excellent buy for those who engage in the outdoors!


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