Saturday, June 6, 2009

Daily Surf Report

Deciding whether or not to ditch school or work today?

One of the culture shock experiences I had when I first moved to Hawaii was learning that while attending public school, my local friends would actually skip school on a regular basis to go surfing. Whaaaat?! Yup. Look out the window they may to watch the surf...and use that (not the idea of educational commitment, responsibility, or State law) the determining factor whether or not to hit the school yard.

I guess you need to take the surf opportunities when you can. For your up to date surf reports check out:

National Weather Service's
"Oahu Surf Forecast"
I like this site the best because it's technical, detailed and yet easy to read and understand.

Surf News Network
This site is also easy to use.

Comment on your favorite surf sites...

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