Sunday, April 19, 2009

Best Malasada's - Leonards vs. Champions this is a real toss up. Where to find the best malasadas, Portuguese donuts, on the island. The main difference between malasadas and regular donuts is that there is more egg and butter that's used--resulting in a more dense texture and egg based taste. They are a bit fluffier, have a hint of a sour tang to it (the type of yeast perhaps?), and most noticeably have no donut holes!

In Hawaii, "Malasada Day" is the day before Lent. I guess protestants and catholics want that last bite of Portuguese goodness before giving up sweets and fats before Easter!

Champions seems to be the local favorite ($0.60/each). These malasadas are dusted in grainy sugar. Served hot, they just melt in your mouth. I remember the first time I had my first malasada--I was enroute to the airport to deliver a box of hot ones for my parents. The warm, pliable donut was not too sweet, not too oily, and just yummy all over.

If I'm on my way home and need to catch the H1 freeway off of Kapahulu, I'll stop by Leonards for a malasada treat ($0.70/each). Mostly for it's convenience. Leonards is great because they have an assortment of malasada fillings (haupia (coconut), pineapple, guava and chocolate, among others.) Depending on the day, week or four seasons, the change of flavors brings customers checking back for more.

I think I enjoy malasadas from Champions best...and there was a no-named malasada truck in front of a supermarket in Salt Lake that wasn't too shabby. Some like the ones found at the yearly Punahou carnival best.

Where do you find your favorite malasadas?

1926 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, HI 96826

933 Kapahulu Ave
Honolulu, HI


Brandon said...

I also prefer Champions over Leonards. Leonards is too overhyped in my opinion.

mobrian32 said...

Champions is a knockoff of Leonard's. Champions' has more parking but you HAVE to know where they are or you have to go around the block or park down the street. Leonard's is the best and worth the extra cents. I live on the N.A. continent and crave Leonards once a week.