Sunday, February 22, 2009

Board Game of the Year - Blokus

What: The hottest strategic-thinking board game for 4 players
What's the big deal: It's won over a dozen awards and named "Game of the Year"
So what: Get it if you're looking for a fun game that challenges you to play offensively and defensively simultaneoulsy as you find ways to block your opponent and configure all of the 21 odd shaped pieces into a limited game board space.
What again? Think of it like Tetris times four but the object is to get rid of all your tile pieces ...while blocking out your opponent from doing so. The challenge is to build walls to limit your oppents moves--except that the walls are porous and invadable hence adding a layer of difficulty and strategy.
Still doesn't make sense? Get the game and you'll see. It's addicting and no two rounds are the same.The Info: Target or any game or toy store. ($25) (or $21 when you use the box to the right of this posting. Just type "Blokus")
Yum factor: The pieces make me hungry as they remind me of Jello

Thanks to J for finding this game and sharing it with our family.

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