Monday, May 18, 2009

Honolulu's Sugar Free Bakery - "Sweet Nothings"

This Honolulu bakery, located near the McKinley car wash, offers something sweet without the guilt and distress of added sugar. That's right, all baked goods at this small shop are made sugar free.

The store sells individual pastries ($1.70), cakes ($9.95+), and pies ($9.95+) for the health conscious and careful diabetic.

While folks say that the "Melba Peach" pie is delicious, I found the "Chocolate Lover's" cake too dense, chewy, and tasteless to consume. While the owner said that this is one of the best selling cakes, the texture was a bit odd and strange. I like my cakes to be light, moist, and at times dense or airy...but certainly not chewy and hard to swallow. The cake filling echoed "pudding" but the texture was off--a bit glassy. It needed more milk and cream to achieve a rich and creamy consistency, and could have used a large zap of flavor. Tastelessness aside, the overall texture in one's mouth was like eating a melted Barbie doll toy.

That said, I like the concept of having a sugar-free bakery on the island. It is surely needed and a valuable asset to the community. While some of the recipes need improvement, their efforts are certainly headed in the right direction.

Where it's at:
Sweet Nothings
1218 Waimanu Street, #102
Honolulu, HI 96814

Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat (7am - 7pm)
Sun (10am-pm); Tues (closed)

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