Thursday, January 14, 2016

Learning the Ukulele

My two new hobbies for the new year: exploring the oenophile within...and learning to play the Ukulele. 

To first start learning the Uke I found this beginner video helpful in providing an overview of the instrument itself, needed accessories, basic finger placement, and simple chords: 

Then this series by Cynthia Lin (photo above) was helpful to learn different Uke strumming techniques. She sings a number of songs online to help you practice various strums and chords. This particular link doesn't reflect her strumming lessons per se but I posted it here because it includes the lyrics and chords for the new Disney song "Lava" (see previous post on Lava):

And if you're gonna play the Uke, you gotta play some IZ. Here's a simple version of his popular "Somewhere over the rainbow":

Last, every beginner can be inspired by an advanced musician, and who better to watch than the master of ukuleles himself, Jake Shimabukuro playing "Dragon."

{mahalo to my aunts and uncles who bless us with ukulele performances every Christmas; I dedicate IZs "somewhere over the rainbow" to my dad}

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