Tuesday, January 12, 2016

TSA Pre-Check Option

At $85 for five years, customers pay $17 per year to avoid long TSA lines and removing shoes, belts, liquids and laptops during baggage screening. The benefit? A little serenity, saved time and less hassle. This option seems valuable for those who travel more than twice a year. Global Entry is similar to PreCheck but sold to those who travel internationally. At $100 every 5 years it doesn't cost much more than the PreCheck and it adds the extra benefit of passing through the foreign customs lines faster. 

To me these options play into class privilege; similar to private toll road systems where those with disposable incomes can purchase the luxury of peace and time, while who struggle to purchase the already expensive airline tickets have no choice but to wait in line. 

If you do buy the PreCheck service, you will see data entered into the yellow areas below. 

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