Friday, June 19, 2015

MW - 8 Course Tasting Menu

As mentioned in an earlier post, MW Restaurant is my favorite restaurant for Hawaiian food on Oahu. Michelle and Wade Ueoka, former chefs from Alan Wong's (turn husband-and-wife team), give a fresh spin on the traditional and make eating Hawaiian food interesting again. Here's their amazing 8 course menu in photos, which I do recommend ordering if it won't hurt your wallet:

A chilled uni flan with caviar. 

Bites of the most amazing power packed flavors--and my favorite course. 

Interesting textures that I'm 50-50 about; lobster and pretty leaves in a thick cornstarch broth. (Bad description, I know)

Seared Hudson Valley Foie gras atop short rib with black truffle potatoes (second favorite course for the deep and rich flavors).

Mochi crusted Opakapaka with what MW calls Korean and Japanese 'condiments.' (Homogeneous tasting, nothing really pops.)

Polenta and Washgyu beef. This combo worked well as a dish on its own, but it didn't seem to fit with the other 7 courses--too traditionally American, something from a Midwest steak house. (I wasn't stoked by the presentation of corn on top.)

Strawberry sorbet with elderberry flowers. (Pretty dish and layers of texture, but still expected a bit more from Michelle).

A bite of their Candy Bar dessert (like a gourmet snicker bar) paired with their Donuts dessert (mini malasadas), both a perfect way to end the evening. 

Overall: Each dish was well executed, as if prepared by Wade himself (whereas dishes from the regular menu seem prepared by the other chefs); and the service was attentive and knowledgable as always. 

Updates to the business: there's a private room for large parties (40-50 people), they now open for lunch, some days they only offer 5 course Prix fixe menus (other days 8 courses), they now offer Small Bites from 2-5 pm, and once a month on Sundays they serve Afternoon Tea with a Hawaiian twist (...which might just be the best afternoon tea on the island--I can't wait to try it!)

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