Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Starbucks Wine & Craft Beer

Yes it's true. Where Starbucks once was the poster child for a business model focused on doing one thing well, they are now shifting strategies and drawing up business during the after work hours by expanding their product line and enticing customers with a selection of familiar wines and regional craft beers. 

The beer selection echos availability from the local breweries thus encouraging customers to visit multiple Stsrbucks locations (or find their favorite branch). The Coppola Cab and Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay are solid choices, and I was quite impressed that Stsrbucks picked these up. The wine and beer are served with (free) Peppitos, which are essentially a tiny bowl of sunflower seeds coated with spices. 
Evening appetizers are served after 4pm with a menu catered to their customers' tastes (eg truffle popcorn for $2.45).

It should be noted that the after 4pm drink and food menu is limited to select Starbucks locations. When you find them you'll notice that the interior design is altered to incorporate a bar top and some high bar and stool options. Yet Starucks does a good job of maintaining it's distinct coffee shop feel--they found a magical way to keep it from turning into a happy hour bar scene. And I must say it's working; the company seems to be drawing in revenue during their low performing hours by expanding their brand to incorporate the known quantities of favored wined and beer labels. Pretty interesting model--let's see if lasts the test of time. 

Side note: the last photo shows how wireless charging stations for laptops and smart phones are integrated into their bar tops, small tables, communal table and high tops. So now with wine, beer and battery power, who wouldn't want to stop by after work?! They thought it all through. 

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