Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Portuguese Sausage Spam

Coming soon to Hawaii markets only > Portuguese Sausage flavored spam. Must admit this is a pretty ingenious idea, even for me a non-spam lover. 

I turned on the radio this week and heard the latest radio commercial: "Spam can....spam can..." 

Next to bacon it's funny how this beloved "food" product has grown it's own cult following. I'm reminded of the varied spam paraphernalia sold at Target and the annual Spam festival in Honolulu, to the famous Ed Ruscha 1967 painting that comments on Spam's presence in mainstream American households during the wartime era. And it's interesting how a "can of spam" (noun) has morphed over the years into "Spam can..." (pronoun + verb) and how it has remained a staple part of American food and pop culture for nearly a century. 

(To own your own can of spam check out this month's sale at Costco in Hawaii and the mainland...with a limit of two, ha ha)

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