Friday, December 3, 2010

Island Edge - local fashion designers

[the 3 finalists for the local designer contest]

I enjoy the pieces in this store--island flair without being overly-touristy. Sometimes I like the things in there, sometimes I don't. But what I do like is that while they stock reputable fashion labels (e.g. L.A. based designer, Tina Turk), they also create a space to support local hawaii-based aspiring fashion designers.

A couple days after the grand opening a few months ago, I bought an unusal silk blouse by Martinique at this store, as well as a couple of other pieces that I love (all of which are in the closet in Hawaii).

Starting Nov 22nd, those who stop by the store can vote for their favorite local desginer of the year--the state wide contest has been narrowed down to three finalists who need your vote to win $2000 and $500 for a local charity. For more info see:

[Island Edge is Hilo Hattie's arm that is targeting a different consumer audience--in purchasing power, style and trends, and both locals and tourists.]

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