Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wine - Stellina di Notte & Luccio Moscato di Asti

Before returning to LA, I revisited Formaggio for wine, food and live music. A soulful local Hawaiian guitarist-soloist and a violinist from San Francisco's Japan town filled the air with strings of mellow autumn notes. In the parking lot before driving home I learned that the two musicians were long time high school friends in Honolulu.

In the glass:

Stellina di Notte (pinot grigio). From Veneto, Italy (2006). Said to have touches of apple, melon and kiwi. Light, dry and crisp but ends with an oak-ish finish. It's okay, but I like my whites short. I'd give it a B rating. Would I drink it again? Sure. Would I go out of my way to order this glass? No.

Luccio Moscato 'd Asti (muscat). From Piedmot, Italy (2006).
Said to have apple undertones. As a fan of moscato 'd asti's, I was expecting a bit more from this wine. It has a sweet start but bitter end. Disappointing for a muscat. I'd rate it a C+. Would I recommend it? Nah.

Their pizzas (specailty mushroom) (traditional vegetarian) are served on thin crisp crusts and go well with red or white wine, depending on the sauce and toppings. The Panni's with three Italian meats is okay, but I wouldn't order it again. The prochuitto was too over powering for the pastrami and salami. They have promising appetizers and desserts that I can't wait to try the next time.

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