Saturday, November 30, 2013

Maui Outlets - Grand Opening

Black Friday marked the grand opening of a new outlet center in Lahaina complete with the expected shops--Gap, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Guess, Michael Kors and others.  

I was in my way to Kaanapali when I decided to make a side stop to check out my favorite Lahaina boutique...which is where I was told about the newly converted shopping center. I had to check it out. 

The store spaces are larger than most outlets and the facilities maintain the plazas historic sensibility while offering shoppers a modern warehouse experience. 

Does Maui really need an Outlet? I think the idea is that it will help keep business bustling on Front it gives opportunities for tourists on tour buses (eg from Asia) to shop and spend their money on Maui. It seemed odd to me to have an outlet (on the island and especially in Lahaina) but its a strategic business move that may fare pretty well. 

I also think that the conversion of the buildings was done very well, and im happy to see the once dead space now bustling with life. (I was sad to hear my favorite restaurant, David Paul's, closed down... but I'm happy to see both tourists and locals enjoying the historic space.)

Go now while parking is free. The Outlets are located in the Hilo Hattie complex, and near Ruth Chris and Hard Rock Cafe on Front Street. 

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