Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Story - Super Bowl Sunday

Kurt Warner, the Cardinals' star quarterback, is playing in today's Super Bowl game. His life is an example of the story most Americans like to hear. It's a story of an underdog who reaches his dreams, of a boy who loved football though was never expected to succeed.

When you hear about his humble beginnings, his life let downs, and his heart to marry an already pregnant woman with a young special needs child, you wouldn't have guessed that today he'd be starring in today's big game. Who would ever would have thought that the Arizona Cardinals would be in today's Bowl? And who would have ever thought that Warner, who was labeled as "washed up," would lead his team to the top?

The young the USC Heisman trophy quarterback Matt Leinart was expected to be the Cardinals' lead quarterback this year. Yet Leinart has been accused of being too young and engaging in "too much partying." Though unfortunate for Leinart, this public let down fortunately allowed Warner the chance to shine and earn public recognition. With all the struggles and perserverence Warner endured over the years, he has likely been mentoring Leinart, reminding the pro newbie of the talent and fortunate opportunities he's has. There's been an attitude shift in Lienart and I believe much of it has to do with "sharing life" with his teammate Kurt Warner.

To hear more about Kurt Warner's story:
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