Friday, April 8, 2016

SEED, a Justice Restaurant (Oahu)

SEED is all about values. It serves healthy and tasty dishes from local and sustainable sources as well as their own urban garden, it provides job skills, training and employment experience for men and women in transition, the price of dishes are by donation according to what each customer can afford (thereby making healthy food accessible to all persons), and the waitstaff is supported by church volunteers who see the restaurant as an outward expression of living out God's Mission in Honolulu--hence their tag line: Food on a Mission. 

Calling themselves a Justice Restaurant, I loved hearing about the idea in its conceptual stage, was there for its soft grand opening in Kaimuki, and have frequented SEED over the past couple years. The food was great, the ambiance hospitable, and the guiding values on point. 

After much consideration SEED closed its doors and served its last meal two weeks ago. Today we celebrate the many lives were touched, empowered and impacted by SEED as well as the broader inspiration and hope it offered--a vision that it is indeed possible to live thoughtfully and justly, especially when we do it together. 

Kudos + Thank you SEED!

(Photos:, Yelp by R.W.)

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