Friday, February 6, 2009

The Strangest "Get Well" Gift...ever

I have to admit...I this is one of the oddest gifts I found listed as a "Get Well Gift." What are they? They're stuffed toys in the shape of germs, blood cells, and diseases.

(Someone with a medical science degree and child like creativity certainly had a lot of time on their hands!)

For example...can you imagine giving someone in the hospital one of these:

(brain cell, fat cell; red blood cell, white blood cell)

Or why not allow someone to vent their frustration by throwing one of these at the wall?

(mono, pox; e.coli, common cold)

Well, I guess there is an adorable quality to them...

To order your next over-the-top "Get Well" gift go to:

[This email is dedicated to Sharon who I hope has a speedy recovery...and no, who won't be getting any of these stuffed toys from me.]

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