Friday, August 29, 2008

Bon Chic, Bon Genre (BCBG)

Bon Chic, Bon Genre = Good Fashion, Good Life

Ah, Paris (pah ree)--I love all things French. The French know how to live. If you just take the label "BCBG" it's like they are marketing a French life style: dress well and you'll have a good life. Now if only life were really that simple--how nice would that be.

If I had to pick one clothing line that I could say was "me," it would be BCBG. When I walk into a boutique, I find that I like 80% of the pieces. Afterall, if it took me one hour to just pick this image for this post...can you imagine how long I spend browsing in the actual stores? My only critique is that the materials used is mainly cotton, nylon, silk or some blend of these. MaxStudio does a finer job in selecting fine clothing material and does a fabulous job in their stitching detail.

BCBG Shopping Tips:
Order online: All online items are returnable at boutique stores for a full refund! This is a real treat given that items purchased at the boutique itself have an "all sales final" policy (no returns allowed).
Best BCBG sales are at Macys (Pasadena on Lake; Ala Moana in Hawaii) and Saks Fifth Avenue (Newport Beach); Plus, all items are returnable at chain department stores.
Try the outlets for some good finds (Camarillo outlet in CA has the best selection)

Where to Shop:
Best BCBG store: Paris (exit the Madeline metro stop, approx 1-2 blocks from Fouchon)
Hawaii: BCBG boutique in Ala Moana mall; Macys Ala Moana; Nordstrom; Neiman Marcus
Mainland: Most malls and major department stores

Shout out to Julianna who treated me to a $400 shopping spree to BCBG and got me hooked on the BCBG line. She's my best shopping buddy--we can shop for hours in just one store.

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