Saturday, February 7, 2009

Modern Baby Line - "Dwell" at Target of my favorite baby lines, "Dwell," has now teamed up with Target (yeah, baby)! uh, no pun intended.

Rather than trek to Santa Monica and West LA, families everywhere can get that modern touch from their neighborhood Target store. Super easy, super chic!

(for Hawaii friends...try Target online which quite often hosts
"free shipping" weeks)

...and their "adult line" is just as cool...

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Shayna said...

Thanks for the tip! I LOVE Dwell Baby, too! Though I can't afford their stuff--but it's good to know I can't get it locally once Target opens. Actually they sell it at Hot Mama, The Stork's Nest and other baby/mommy boutiques here (Oahu). Hopefully Target will have "Dwell for Less"? BTW, I'm going to post this on my blog, too. Thanks!