Wednesday, February 4, 2009

San Francisco Nightlife

As a foodie, the thing I love about SF dining is not simply the creativity and artistry of each course, but the paid attention to decor and atmosphere. Creative, colorful, and fun, there's always something to suit your mood and taste in the City.

I just completed the San Francisco Zagat "Nightlife" survey. My reviews sound like they were written in the one-sentence-Zagat-speech the red books are known for. Some examples:

Redwood Room

With gigantic portraits that "come to life" this dark and dapper lounge offers a swanky place for a Friday night flaunt of those with a more serious taste.

Last Supper Club

Medieval meets Italian urban at this tiny joint that serves hearty breakfasts and a memorable poached pear over cinnamon rice pudding.

Top of the Mark

Traditional cocktails and drinks in a conservative dim-lit revolving room with the best 360 degree view of the City.

Who talks like that? It's funny how one sentence can paint an entire picture of a place in the reader's mind. SF also has a more electric and contemporary vibe:

For those familiar with New York and London restaurants and bars, there's a chance to take Zagat surveys for these as well.

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