Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Studio Photo Shoot - The I'm Family

Last night’s Studio Shoot was a blast. Baby Chelsea was such a wonderful model. Though she couldn’t even lift up her head, she just sat there contently and despite the large flashes from the studio lights, she didn’t even cry nor fuss one bit. I can’t wait to post up some photos of her.

It was so much fun to do my first set of “professional” family photos in a studio. Sandy and Larry were amazing to work with…Sandy’s a natural and Larry was especially good at knowing how to pose himself. I was impressed!

Angela was such a good sport as a studio assistant—working the reflectors, metering the lights, moving the ottoman and stools as needed, fixing Chelsea’s clothes, and making wooing noises overhead for a baby smile. Moreover, she was a fantastic model flashing that photogenic smile of hers…and letting loose in fun poses.

Fun times: * After arriving to the Studio, I realized that I left my camera at the house—opps! * Chelsea pee’d on the black crushed velvet backdrop. * Buddy shots with Angela and Sandy—“I can’t get up!” * Oh no, the gray backdrop won’t come down * How do you use the studio’s light meter? * Angela the fashion model in two wardrobe changes—straddle that chair, babe! * Sandy in the stretched arms pose—work it! *

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