Thursday, December 11, 2008

Size 0 Clothes

I'm cleaning out my closet getting ready to move things back to L.A. It's full of size zero skirts, pants and extra small tops. Boy oh boy, I didn't even realize how much weight I've gained over the past year(s). It's time to face much as I love these items, there's no going back. Not even exercise will get me back to a non-size. (Theoretically, can zero even be considered a size?) Time to rid the items that don't fit.

Every year as it gets cold, our family tries to donate our old ski jackets, sweaters, blankets and warm wear to the homeless. There are special pick ups made where one can donate suits to women's homes, winter wear to homeless shelters, and prom dresses to teen oriented organizations.

If I can't find a suitable organization before I fly back to a couple of days...the rest of my closet will go to Goodwill, Salvation Army or the Veterans--whoever is the most eager to do a pick up.

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