Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yalumba Muscat – Dessert Wine

I’m sitting here having an eighth of a glass of South Eastern Australian dessert wine. It’s a Museum Reserve Yalumba Muscat from Angaton in the south continent. It earned a high rating of a 96 which caught my eye and convinced me to try this bottle. It is in many ways a deserving rate, however, as a dessert wine it’s too strong, heavy and reminiscent of a port for my personal taste. I enjoy the light, fruity and crisp dessert wines of the Muscato di Asti’s and various ice wines I’ve tried at the Amuse Wine Bar and Formaggio Wine Bar.

The Yalumba Muscat is full bodied, deep and rich. It’s a long wine with a nice blend of apricot and currants, resembling in my imagination as a fruity port. It’s too strong for my taste but because of it’s full bodied flavor I can imagine someone sipping this on an old leather wing back chair near a burning fireplace on an autumn day.

While I will not purchase this bottle again it was well worth the experience of sipping an grade A dessert wine. Two sips of this, however, and I’m done. Would anyone like the rest of the bottle? Just let me know.

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