Saturday, October 4, 2008

Photo Geek - Flash Tips

Photo Geek Tips - Flash

Buying a Flash | Get the most powerful flash you can afford. This is one area where it's not worth it to save a few bucks to get a lesser flash. The level of flash power makes a huge difference.

Flash brackets
| Not only positions the flash directly above the camera body with height, but also allows you to take portraits *vertically* while avoiding black spaces in portraits.

Flash and portraits | For those with blue and light eyes, always position the flash from the top down to prevent red eyes. Learn how lighting bounces off ceiling and subjects using the 3 positions of the external flash.

Omni Bounce & Flash Diffuser| The omni bounce softens the skin. The plastic diffuser bounces light off the ceiling less harshly. The textured clear cover is to diffuse light for wide angle shots.

Flash Chord | Allows you to hand hold flashes to catch side lighting. Attach a hand chord to the flash so you don't drop the flash while setting camera functions for the next shot.

Lithium batteries | Drains fully, longer life, and weighs less. Alkaline drains quickly, has a slow death (flash operates slower and slower over time), and will leak in your camera.

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