Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Film - Gary Gets Married

Gary is a mild mannered, introspective artist-type, a UCI grad I knew from my InterVarsity days. A few years ago a handful of us flew to Chicago to attend the Willow Creek Leadership Conference. It was an un-leadership leadership conference where we all took an oath of silence to keep the Chicago-week under wraps. Had the church pastor not come down with a cold leaving us to our own demise, it would have been a very serious, ministry minded, prayerful trip of debriefing and strategic planning. As it turned out, we left our leadership hats in LA and had so much fun exploring the Windy City; it was truly a memorable bonding experience.

I lost touch with Gary but was glad to hear that he was married two February's ago. In his own Gary-style and humor he created the un-wedding wedding video to show at his reception. Check it out:
I noticed that Gary included some of his self portraits from our Chicago trip in the film. Way cool!

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