Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Famous Photographers

I attended just one of Foresberg's $200 photography class at the UH and knew within the hour that I needed to get a refund. It was horrible. Perhaps the instructor was a good artist, but she was not a good teacher of art. Her mind ran in abstract circles that were un-followable. She could not teach, explain, and break down terms, was administratively disorganized, and painfully struggled to facilitate a class discussion. By the break many students were frustrated and I knew that I had to drop the class. What did come out of attending the first class was a list of these famous photographers. I figure at some point I should study them for each of their contributions to the field:

Bruce Davidson | Gary Winogrand| Robert Frank | Minor White
Uta Barth| Alex Webb |Peter Beard
Diane Arbus | Gerd Ludwig| Philip Lorca di Corica
Sally Mann | Hiroki Sugimoto | Chuck Close
Sylvia Plachy| Nikki S Lee

I did use Nikki Lee's work in my Asian American Studies course when I devoted a lecture to the role of Art and Artists in building, sustaining and empowering this panethnic community.

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