Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Foot Reflexology

One of my favorite things in life is a good massage. Swedish massages help me to slowly unwind from the day and be present in the moment. Deep tissue massages help to aid my carpal tunnel wrists and tight shoulders. While fancy day spas make wonderful places for personal retreats, there are more modest venues that offer massage services for a more affordable price. A recent LA Times article noted that the San Gabriel Valley is booming with competitively priced foot reflexology services. I've done reflexology at Burke Williams Day Spa (at $95/hour) and at SGV establishments ($15/hour) and have enjoyed them both equally. Foot reflexology is a Chinese and Japanese medical tradition based on the idea that zones of one's foot is connected to different parts of the body. Massaging your right toe, for example, is thought to stimulate different parts of your brain. To most people, foot reflexology sessions simply feel like a regular foot massage. Yet, if the science of reflexology is right, these feet massages can actually bring multiple health benefits to the body and its organs.

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