Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hawaii Public Rail System

It makes me mad that those in East Oahu are fighting against a public rail system. One reason I hear most stated is that the rail system will not benefit the Eastside, since the line will serve central and western Honolulu yet raise the taxes of all residents. Motivated by self-interests and short-term sight, what these individuals fail to take into consider is a) the larger positive impact of the entire island (e.g. decrease in pollution, traffic congestion, etc.) b) and larger long-term impact on the global environment as a whole. They also fail to consider that their children, aging family members, and even they themselves will benefit from the rail system in the future. If the welfare of the state, its people, and the larger earth is at stake, I think it ashamed that Eastsiders are putting personal economic concerns over the long term well being of the world.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that some Oahu residents are being very short-shorted in not wanting rail. But I think that most of the people of this island want rail. My folks live in Hawaii Kai and they want rail; a bunch of my high school friends now live on the Windward side and they want rail; heck, even my one of my high school teachers who lives on the Big Island wants rail!

I think people will vote for rail in November, as long as those of us who believe in rail keep spreading the word and educating people about why rail is not only good for the west side but for the entire island.