Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meditation - "Finding Peace"

I found this little 4x4" Hallmark gift book called "Finding Peace." Artful watercolor marks fill each page as short inscriptions guides this meditative thought. Below, I use works from artist Jon Schueler:

"The Lord was not heard in the earthquake or the fire, but in the still small voice." --1 Kings 19:11-12

Go to that place today.
You know,
that one place
where everything else
just doesn't matter anymore--

the traffic, the deadlines,
the streets, the demands,
all the hassles of doing life.
in a world like ours.

Go to that quiet place.
It doesn't have to be for long--
Just long enough
to breathe,
to be.

Give yourself the gift
of time,
of space,
of freedom from distractions.

Go there.
Listen some more.

And in that still, small whisper,
Hear the Lord...
and know that you are loved.

The art pieces are by Jon Schueler, whose ability to create mood through the paint brush was a source of inspiration for my own work last fall. His book is titled, "To The North."

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