Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lululemon highlights Maui

I'm a Lululemon girl. Yes, one of those. Was trained in yoga for years under a teacher from India in the Iyengar tradition, accomplishing head stands in perfect form and pushing my body to its physical limit. Nowadays though I take a gentler approach where therapeutic yoga and restorative yoga have become my recent norm as I seek to strengthen my body and immune system. 

There are a lot of great private yoga studios in Honolulu and Maui (see prior posts) and Lululemon offers free Sunday classes for the community in Ala Moana and Wailea. While the Lululemon clothing is a bit on the expensive end, the investment gets you quality fabric (technology, non-shrinkage, non-piling, edgy cuts), free tailoring (shirts and pant hem), and a solid warranty on their products. This type of customer care is like REI meets North Face meets Nordstrom, but for the yoga market. 

This week the company highlights their presence in Hawaii. Here's Lysha Kamisato Wernig talking about her West Maui favorites for Lululemon:

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