Monday, October 6, 2014

Core Power Yoga (Oahu)

I've done Core Power yoga a few times and would describe it as: a spa like yoga experience where Birkam yoga (hot yoga) meets loud pop music in a space with a modern aesthetic. This is the winning combination that has led to the brand's success. 

I can't believe this mainland company branched off to Hawaii, and what a better place to be located than the Kahala Mall (bottom floor) > geographically placed near the island's yoga center (Kaimuki), near the Kahala Whole Foods crowd, and near the Eastside vicinity where folks are willing to pay the high membership prices. 

They offer a one week free trial, which I recommend. There are different levels of heat and levels of difficulty plus different instructors to choose from. The locker rooms offer waterfall showers and bath amenities, and the yoga products they sell are top of the line. 

When I would take the lowest heat classes, my body would break out in red heat rashes each time; hence despite the nice atmosphere this wasn't the right yoga fit for me > I prefer traditional Iyengar > but for others the Core Power experience may be a welcome addition (of a "fancy" yoga studio) to the existing local/low key Oahu yoga scene.  

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