Monday, June 16, 2014

Nobu (Oahu)

Nobu in Waikiki serves a consistent and well executed menu. It's the perfect place for a client meeting, dinner with the in-laws, or any gathering where you need to count on the delivery of exceptional dishes so that you can focus on the people and conversation at hand. The menu is somewhat interesting yet one can feel the reserve and restraint of the chefs as they offer a minimalist dining experience for a predictably conservative crowd. 

The menu is tilted toward a more traditional Japanese palette and technique than it's competitor, Morimotos in Honolulu (see prior post), and for this reason I recommend the latter over Nobu. 

The dessert shown above, Drunken Cherry Tobayaki, was the highlight of the evening consisting of a perfectly crisped mochi sponge cake topped with cherries drenched in rum, seated upon a pool of spiced caramel sauce. The homemade vanilla ice cream offered a cool and creamy balance to the oven warm delight. 

The ambiance at Nobu was a tad underwhelming but the service was attentive, accommodating and exceptional as expected. 

Located at the end of Lewers Street across from the Halekulani Hotel. 

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