Friday, June 6, 2014

Most Provocative Menu - Pig and the Lady (Oahu)

No wonder this is ranked the #1 restaurant on Oahu. It has one of the most interesting menus on the island. In fact, Pig and the Lady has been one of my favorite dining experiences in Hawaii because of the bold risks taken by the chef. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Honolulu's newest rising star MW (see prior post), for example, but MW is "safe"--a well prepared meal for the well tailored crowd.  Pig and the Lady on the otherhand offers "out of the box," cutting edge, experimental cooking for the thoughtfully curious palette. It's a causal joint in Chinatown that offers a meal that makes you think...taste...assess...enjoy...
and think again. It's a stimulating experience for the mind + multiple senses. 

The Vietnamese American son and mother duo (son = the pig, his mom = the lady) started out with a food truck, became known for their Pho, and opened this joint this past Fall. It's a new kid-on-the-block with a strong following of locals (and remains relatively unfound by tourists). 

Photo 1) Coffee Can Bread and Chicken Liver Patê. Amazing combination with nuts, fruit and greens. It set high expectations for the night. Loved it. (My friend who hates liver even loved it.)

2) Sashimi of the day with puffed rice crunches and a balanced grapefruit, fennel and kiffir lime sauce. It's a bit too expected, though still good, and one of their top sellers. 

3) 12 Hour Brisket Pho. Broth was good and meat tender. If you're in the mood for Pho, try this place--for lunch (cheaper); plus the dinner menu options have a much wider range of creativity to offer. 

4) Phenomenal caramelized avocado pound cake and macerated strawberries paired with peashoot creme and popcorn + corn ear gelato. Sounds odd, I know, but the combination is winning. 

We ordered 8 dishes in all and each was a delight and surprise (photo 1 and 4 being our favorites). Foodies won't be disappointed. 

Casual attire and ambience. Good for large groups. Appetizers $7, dinner entrees $13-25; order family style. Parking structure across the street a block away. 

Note: the lunch menu is cheaper but primarily centers around pho. Go for dinner to try a wide range of the culinary creativity. They offer a breakfast menu as well. 

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