Monday, March 17, 2014

Koko Head Cafe (Oahu)

Came for the grand opening weekend at this brunch-only Kaimuki joint. Koko Head Cafe fills in a much needed gap for a casual brunch place outside the hotel resorts. The dishes run $4 for muffins, scones and bread, and $9-13 for omelets, pancakes, salads and sandwiches. The former Top Chef contestant uses locally grown produce when possible, perhaps from her boyfriend's farm on the North Shore. 

The Yuzu sesame seed muffin was stiff yet subtle in flavor. The vegetable omelette with okra, tomatoes and goat cheese was smooth and balanced. They serve Illy coffee and the Damman tea was smooth and velvety. 

Crossing my fingers for a successful run. The place was packed!

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