Monday, December 2, 2013

Believe.Maui Jewelry

Jenna Evans is a Christian artist on Maui who hand crafts locally inspired jewelry with a touch of faith. 

Her earrings, bracelets and necklaces are hand wired with shells and beads in a delicately beachy style, simple yet thoughtful. Jenna is a perfectionist; she adds touches of detail near the clasp...and the gems, tags and shells are balanced just right as to not overpower nor be understated. 

She customizes each piece for the client, and hand pounds bible verses, initials or a word (eg "faith" or "believe") unto small sterling silver or 14k plates that act as charms to the selected piece. 

Since her jewelry is usually sold on Etsy I was delighted to see her work in person at a church Women's Conference. Her jewelry style isn't terribly unique (one sees it is all the trend on Maui), however it is her precision in craftsmanship that I completely respect and she is the only artist offering this style with a Christian bent. And while mainland fashion styles can be more urban in nature, Jenna's pieces make nice island inspired gifts for yourself or others that you can't get elsewhere. 

(Bracelets run $75+ and necklaces $110 and up) 

I wish her much success!

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