Thursday, October 17, 2013

Piilanihale Heiau (aka Kahanu Gardens) (Maui)

When I drove through Hana last year, I went hunting for Piilanihale, one of the largest and last heiau (temples) built in Hawaii. It was difficult to find and I never made it. Ill try again this Fall. 

Built in 1200 AD the site was excavated, restored and opened to the public in 1974. It's situated on a 450+ acre of green land hosting native tropical plants and a canoe display. It's viewed as a botanical garden and historical site, and as the largest heiau on the islands well worth checking out if one is in the Hana area. Aside from the heiau on the Island of Refuge on the Big Island (which is stunning), this one is accessible to those visiting Maui. 

Bring your own your tour books to understand the history of this heiau where Chief Kahanu and his ancestors are buried. 

Kahanu Garden
650 Uliaino road
Hana Maui

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