Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spam flavored Mac Nuts

My mom laughed so long and hard that she cried.  Indeed the combination of two popular hawaii flavors {mac nuts} + {spam} is as creative as it is confusing. 

Not being a big personal fan of spam, I popped open a $5 can, only to be overwhelmed by a cloud of chemically produced spam smells. The oddly pink colored powder nestled atop the nuts beckoned a try, and after one nut was consumed I was left convinced that the two Hawaii flavors should really be kept apart. {mac nut} {spam} period.

Were the company to adds bits of dried spam into a mac nut can, I'd be prone to guess this would work much better to the pallett than to have artificial spam-flavored nut dust.  Let me know your thoughts on this novelty item.  You might think it's a hit!  The limited cans of spam-mac nuts can be purchased at Target Hawaii in Salt Lake.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the natural flavor of mac nuts! Why mask it with Spam flavored powder?