Tuesday, December 21, 2010

40 Days in Hawaii

nice to be back on the islands. left the mainland a week ago wrapped in scarves, knee high boots and long wool coats...departed the plane and walked straight into tropical humidity.

with the pace of life slowed and the warmth of the people in hawaii, my heart smiles. hawaii no ka oi.

back to simple living. no make-up needed and no need to do one's hair as the humidity melts them away. back to rubba slippahs, shorts and cotton tops.

a week ago i was dining with a dozen friends, dressed up for the evening in all black with glittery jewelry and 4 inch heels. dinner conversation consisted of talks about business enterprises, second houses, cars, and our careers. that's mainland living.

here in hawaii, those things matter less than the quality of relationships. refreshing. no pretense.

i enjoy the slow driving, talking-story with friends and family, eating simple-kine food, and walking along the beach before the sunrises--maybe catching some slack key guitar at a local joint.

life is simple on the island.
it's nice.

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Anonymous said...

How I envy you! I live in the very snow northeast (Boston to be specific) and I developed a love affair with Hawaii 8 years ago when I made my first trip.

Please keep writing about Hawaii, so I can live vicariously through

Happy New Year!