Monday, November 15, 2010

Vosges - Chocolate covered Bacon

I was making a purchase at the Ala Moana Neiman Marcus the other day when I saw this unusal chocolate bar displayed on the cashier counter. I've always said, "EVERYTHING tastes better with bacon." But does this adage hold true when it's covered in dark chocolate?

I had to try it for myself. I was just about to plop down a whopping $10 for this candy bar, when the assistant sales person decided to open up a bar and cut it into bite sized peices--to provide as samples. So, luckily I got my fair taste of the "desert-al-food" and report that...

...while bacon and chocolate don't seem to go together, you really can't tell what you're even eating. It's like eating salted crunchy bits with the chocolate dominating 90% of the bar. Did it taste fine? Sure. Was it as unique as I had hoped? Nah. But try it for yourself. (I also tried chocolate covered pears by Vosges which was pungnant, chewy yet good.)

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