Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Maila Gibson's album "More"

I saw Maila perform a duet with Hookena at the 2010 Hawaii Grammy's night at the Hawaii State Art Museum. It was an amazing outdoor concert featuring all of the state's best Grammy winners.

To see these legendary singers, groups and bands perform in a low key venue, free to the public, and without airs--in true Hawaiian spirit and hospitality, was truly refreshing. I don't imagine seeing Grammy winners gather together for an event like this in Hollywood. But here in Hawaii, it was the artists' way of saying mahalo to all of their loyal supporters. What a magnificent evening it was.

For some reason, out of the many many talented and famous Hawaiian artists, Maila's performance stood out to me. I don't know if it's because she was the underdog (newbie) of the evening (her experience mainly as a worship singer at New Hope Church) or if it was her stage presence or voice. But I liked her.

Great news is that she finally finished an album and it's due to come out soon. Ben and Maila's new 2010 album is entitled "More" and can be pre-ordered on mele.com (site to buy hawaiian music CDs) or by clicking here.

[mahalo to ry]

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