Thursday, December 17, 2009

In Search of Power (Travel Tip)

I was flying to LA from the East Coast just a couple days ago when the woman next to me asked me to help her plug in the laptop into the electrical socket perched between us. Wha..? Electrical outlet? I didn’t even know this was even available on airplanes. I generally bring two battery packs to last a five hour flight.

This woman looked “oh so New York” in her slick black power suit, deathly but fashionable stacked heals, tasteful leather quilted designer handbag, and exquisitely selected fine jewelry. Black, black and more black… down to her matching black laptop. Sparkles of diamonds offset this woman who would have instantly disappeared in the nightfall’s whisper. I thought it was pretty funny moment, this lady of “power” in search of power.

She worked at a frantic pace throughout the entire five hour flight as I munched on a chocolate chip cookie and wore my "fashionable" $2 airplane purchased headset. I felt “oh so L.A.” adorned in a casual cotton top and pair of relaxed jeans (my so-called power suit packed, not worn) as I laughed out loud to the movie Elf (I must have been in desperate need for entertainment that evening). We couldn't be more different, she and I, representing two different ends of the country yet sitting just a seat apart.

Yet it’s from L.A. en route to Hawaii that I write this piece. And I’m in fact able to do this because of my newfound “power” secret. I guess you can say that I’m now ‘plugged in’ with this new info > quite literally.

To see if you airplane aisle has power outlets, look at the overhead compartments where the seat number is written. There will be a symbol (often of a lightening bolt) and words such as “DC Electrical Power Outlet Available Under Seat” printed on the compartment. Funny how I never noticed that.

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