Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jake Shimabukuru - Ukulele guru

Wow! No wonder he's is a local favorite. Jake is a contemporary ukulele-ist who infuses old world Hawaii tradition with a contemporary rock and jazz style, expressed with passion from a heart, spirit and soul of a true bluesy artist born with a talented pair of quick stringing fingers. {How's that for a one sentence description?}

I grew up listening to Latin music by way of my dad and whatever CDs he'd play in the car or on the kitchen radio. I appreciate that Jake crosses the Americas for inspiration for this unexpected cultural twist:

And then he comes home again with the national anthem. LOVE this rockin' Hawaiian flavored ode to the U.S.A. Has got to be my favorite rendition:

So I'm convinced that I've got to see this guy least once in my life.

For info on his tours:

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