Saturday, September 12, 2009

Asian/American Designers Take on Fashion Week 2009

Cheering on the success of these Asian/American Fashion Designers:
Derek Lam (San Francisco, CA)
Fourth generation Chinese American, his grandparents were garment industry workers and owners. Trained at Parsons in NYC, he worked under Michael Kors.

Philip Lim (New York City, NY)
This Chinese American New Yorker has a new "Go Green Line." Just made it big in the design world a couple years ago in his early 30s.

Anna Sui (Michigan to New York)
Spear heads the "save the garment center" campaign in NYC to fight zoning laws.

Vivienne Tam (Hong Kong)
One of the few designers from China that made it big in Europe and the U.S. Lovely floral spring collection.

Jason Wu (Taiwan to New York City)
A first generation Chinese American, this newbie went to Parsons and studied in Paris. We'll be seeing more of this designer who got his big break at the 2009 Presidential Ball.

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